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Darwins Restaurant (Dublin)

Darwins Restaurant is sublime for its inclusiveness, its menu drawing inspiration from several countries all around the world. The result is a diversity in which meat eaters and vegetarians alike are amply catered for, with definitive sirloin steaks a menu option right alongside butternut squash and sauce. The desserts range from traditional favourites like bread and butter pudding, to the ever-popular Irish cheese board showing off the best dairy Dublin’s countryside surrounds have to offer.

Darwins Restaurant, Dublin'S classy, modern dining area and bar

Enjoying your time in Darwins restaurant is all too easy; real brick walls, sensually warm lighting and a tasteful clash of wooden floors and tables giving real character to where you dine. The eatery is keen to tout its relishing meats, sourced by their own butcher, some of which have been lengthily cured for the finest, juiciest, richest taste. For those getting ready for a night out, the pre-theatre menu specializes in lighter meals with soups and Boyne farm steaks sating but never overfilling those sampling such delights.

A succulently juicy steak with crisp vegetables in Darwins Restaurant, Dublin

Address: Darwins Restaurant, 80 Aungier Street, Dublin 2, D02 E286, Ireland.
Phone: +353 1 475 7511
Email: info@darwins.ie
Website: http://www.darwins.ie/