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Dunne and Crescenzi

Dunne and Crescenzi are a group of three classy restaurants superbly situated throughout Dublin, all of which specialize in a daring but universally delicious menu of Italian classics. A sophisticated remix of some of the favourite Neapolitan dishes such as generous helpings of antipasti, lasagne and spaghetti carbonara is accomplished. A graceful touch manifests in the form of starters and creative desserts which hark back to the glory years of nouveau cuisine.

Dunne and Crescenzi's snazzy dining area and wines selection

Such commitment keeps customers flocking and reviewers praising, whether they reside in Dublin or want something special whilst touring Ireland’s capital. What’s more, all three restaurants prepare food to the same high standards, their owner regularly stopping in at each to ensure that customers, cooks and waiters alike are all happy with the high standards demanded. Factor in the atmosphere which melds comfort with chic, continentally aware fashion and we become joyfully cognizant that Dunne and Crescenzi is an epic choice for dining.

A generous portion of antipasti in Dunne and Crescenzi

Address: Dunne &; Crescenzi, 14 Frederick Street South, Dublin 2, D02 RK68, Ireland.
Phone: +353 1 675 9892
Email: info@dunneandcrescenzi.com
Website: http://www.dunneandcrescenzi.com/