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FIRE Restaurant (Dublin)

FIRE Restaurant in downtown Dublin gives diners an experience resplendent in history and gorgeous colour. The centrepiece of the dining area is twin silver pillars, pointing skyward toward the high, wooden beamed ceilings. It is in this atmosphere that the most scrumptious steaks and vegetables  are savoured, as the impeccable service of FIRE’s complete with a sizeable cocktails and wines selection ensure your time there is graced with glitz and joviality.

Fire Restaurant's glitzily sublime dining area, Dublin

The food is uniformly excellent, with the traditional Sunday roast service a particular high note. Day by day, the restaurant serves award winning steaks and lamb joints – it has accordingly become a popular place for company events and functions. Once we account for the delicious tarts and cakes that comprise the dessert menu and the friendly, attentive attitude of the serving staff, it’s a cert that in FIRE’s you’re onto a real winner in Dublin restaurants.

Fire Restaurant's chefs, with examples of meat and vegetable cuisine

Address: Fire Restaurant, Mansion House, Dawson Street, Dublin 2, D02 XK40, Ireland.
Phone: +353 1 676 7200
Email: fire@mansionhouse.ie
Website: http://www.mansionhouse.ie/