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Avoca Café (Dublin)

Avoca Café is a restaurant in Dublin which offers a delightful range of choice, its premises spread across two floors with two distinct cafés bringing some delicious foods to the table within the wider Avoca retail store. Polite staff and cooking excellence make simple basic favourites like roast chicken feel fresh and new, assisted as they are by seasonings and a buzzing atmosphere which offers relief from the shopping and boundless bustle going on lower down the same building and outside in Dublin’s ever-busy city centre.

High ceilings and classy seating characterize the interior of the Avoca Cafe, Dublin

If you’re just passing by and looking for a snack or a cheeky dessert on the sly, you’ll be pleased to know that Avoca offers a delightful range of cakes and buns freshly baked on the day, together with appetizers and coffee just brewed. Soups are likewise popular, with the variety impressing the many hundreds of people who pop by every week to sample the cuisine offered by cooks and servers who are unfailingly courteous and accommodating every time.

The mouth-watering selection of cakes and savoury pastries at Avoca Cafe

Address: Avoca, 11-13 Suffolk Street, Dublin 2, D02 C653, Ireland.
Phone: +353 1 677 4215
Email: info@avoca.ie
Website: http://www.avoca.com/