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Oscar’s Café Bar (Dublin)

Quality Dublin elegance is brought to its full, lively yet languid fruition in Oscar’s Café Bar, where the rich splendour of the décor is matched only by the superbly textured food and smooth, creamy coffee. Classy furnishings and gentle conversation permeate the air, setting the atmosphere at a happy ease. The newly prospering Smithfield Square areas reflects the burst of interest in such venues, the once-subdued locality now alight with activity and verve.

Comfy and illuminated - the Oscar's Café Bar dining area

The phrase ‘café of a day, bar of a night’ applies well to this joint. As well as an impressive breakfast, lunch and dinner menu, the superb ambiance of Oscar’s is home to a variety of regular evening entertainments. Multi-purpose; whether it’s a quick bacon sandwich of a morning, an early bird meal prior to heading off for a longer night in Dublin, meeting up with friends, or a romantic dinner date in one of the quieter corners, this bar delivers it all in a way that relaxes and sets guests at ease. The formula has worked so well that a second bar has already opened over in Christchurch.

The inviting, classy interior lounge of Oscar's Café Bar

Address: Oscar’s, Unit 6A/6B, Block A, Smithfield Market, Smithfield, Dublin 7, D07 WR63, Ireland.
Phone: +353 1 529 7341
Website: http://www.oscarscafebar.com/

Keshk Café

Keshk Café serves Mediterranean cuisine imbued at every turn with fabulously tasteful twists upon a template stalwart and traditional. This popular venue almost always requires advance booking, its chefs having long since gained renown and acclaim from diners seeking the tastiest food in a great atmosphere. Notes of Egyptian and Turkish culture confer extra pizazz to a menu which includes falafel, moussaka, kafka and the ever-special keshk chicken, with its filo pastry and exquisitely rich sauce.

The inviting, tree-graced front entrance of Keshk Café

Exceptionally attentive service and the same, passionate staff keep people returning to Keshk Café time after time. One huge perk for fans of cuisine from the Med is the fact that diners can bring and enjoy their own wines with a meal with no charge for corking. Pudding wise, guests may again bring their own for a small plating fee, or opt for the baklava which has itself become a perennial favourite, sensuously cooked with divine syrup and a delicate drizzle of honey.

Scrumptious, salad-graced falafels in Keshk Café

Address: Keshk Café Restaurant, 71 Mespil Road, Dublin 4, D04 XA71, Ireland.
Phone: +353 1 667 3002
Email: keshk@keshk.ie
Website: http://www.keshk.ie/

Irish Film Institute Café Bar

Irish Film Institute Café Bar lets purveyors of Dublin’s motion picture showings stop by for a drink and a meal. Located right inside Temple Bar, the eatery is hugely popular with film-goers eager to discuss the latest motion pictures to hit Dublin theatres in any given season, with outdoor and mezzanine seating available. Something of a gem among the creatively inclined, the IFI bar offers a bunch of great snacks and mains at reasonable prices. All-time favourites like Irish Stew are complimented by more novel offerings such as the special ‘build your own burger’ menu present.

The stylish mezzanine seating at the Irish Film Institute Cafe

For those in a hurry or with plenty more to see round Dublin, sandwiches are available to go, while quick bites are happily accompanied by various herbal teas and coffees. General diners or those fresh and bleary-eyed from an evening showing, will be pleased at the colourful range of main meals that span steaks, pasta, chicken foods, lasagne and much more. Wine and cocktails are served too, placing the IFI in rivalry with several of central Dublin’s classiest venues. All this is rounded off magnificently in the modern contemporary atmosphere of redbrick that defines the IFI.

Address: Irish Film Institute, 6 Eustace Street, Dublin 2, D02 PD85, Ireland.
Phone: +353 1 679 8712
Email: cafebar@irishfilm.ie
Website: http://www.ifi.ie/

Avoca Café (Dublin)

Avoca Café is a restaurant in Dublin which offers a delightful range of choice, its premises spread across two floors with two distinct cafés bringing some delicious foods to the table within the wider Avoca retail store. Polite staff and cooking excellence make simple basic favourites like roast chicken feel fresh and new, assisted as they are by seasonings and a buzzing atmosphere which offers relief from the shopping and boundless bustle going on lower down the same building and outside in Dublin’s ever-busy city centre.

High ceilings and classy seating characterize the interior of the Avoca Cafe, Dublin

If you’re just passing by and looking for a snack or a cheeky dessert on the sly, you’ll be pleased to know that Avoca offers a delightful range of cakes and buns freshly baked on the day, together with appetizers and coffee just brewed. Soups are likewise popular, with the variety impressing the many hundreds of people who pop by every week to sample the cuisine offered by cooks and servers who are unfailingly courteous and accommodating every time.

The mouth-watering selection of cakes and savoury pastries at Avoca Cafe

Address: Avoca, 11-13 Suffolk Street, Dublin 2, D02 C653, Ireland.
Phone: +353 1 677 4215
Email: info@avoca.ie
Website: http://www.avoca.com/

Sheries Café Bar

Sheries Café Bar has the distinction of being the oldest family-run restaurant in all Dublin, wearing this honour with a glowing pride symbolized by the delicious foods on offer. Although advertised as a café, Sheries offers its visitors a full-on dining experience with starters and main courses including fresh caught fish, meat sourced from Ireland’s farms, and traditional favourites such as Irish stew. A particular favourite is the 2 course special, which combines starters such as smoked salmon with mains comprise of all-time favourites such as Thai Green Curry or Mushroom Risotto.

Contemporary bar with seating in Sheries cafe bar's interior, Dublin

The verdict from visitors is consistent: Sheries best points include its all-embracing selection of meals spanning stalwart local foods plus internationally inspired dishes, for instance their impeccable Eggs Benedict. An air of authenticity is imparted by the Isherwood family who together have put their life’s passion into the business. Furthermore the great atmosphere and presence of a meeting room perfect for small scale functions and company outings, completes Sheries as a popular choice with residents as well as tourists in Dublin.

Scrumptiously gooey eggs benedict at Sheries Cafe Bar

Address: Sheries Café Bar, 3 Lower Abbey Street, Dublin 1, D01 K6R2, Ireland.
Phone: +353 1 874 7237
Email: sheries@eircom.net
Website: http://sheries.ie/