Dublin Pubs
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Club M (Dublin)

Dublin’s Club M has occupied a key niche in the city’s nightlife industry for years – a place where a sublime clash of the ultramodern with the classic merges to give patrons an euphoric experience. A huge dance floor has a DJ bringing the tunes in great style, with the result being Friday and Saturday nights bathed in brilliance, joy and non-stop partying.

The dazzling dancefloor of Dublin's Club M

The bedazzling décor of Club M has both modern and retro touches – disco balls hang from the ceilings while dynamic lighting imbues the whole joint with an ambiance unrivalled. For those wanting to take a pew between shaking it on the dance floor, the tables and seats bordering the venue are perfect. Drinks flow plentifully and at a reasonable price, with bottles and cocktail pitchers available for groups to share.

Address: Club M, 2 Cope Street, Dublin 2, D02 P840, Ireland.
Phone: +353 1 671 5622
Email: events@clubm.ie
Website: http://clubm.ie/

Everleigh Garden

A visit to Everleigh Garden is sure to elevate your evening in Dublin to new, joyous heights. This nightclub embodies class and good cheer, being as it’s bathed in neon light, has walls graced with the classiest artwork, and booths for groups who want a bit of privacy and discretion amid the raucous surroundings. As the evening wears on the skilled DJ subtly cranks up the lighting and volume, bringing the evening to a emotive crescendo that blissfully enhances the sociality.

The stunning mood lit nightclub bar of Everleigh Garden

You’ll be well looked after by the professional bar staff who can mix you or an entire group delicious cocktails, with security also capably handling themselves with courtesy. In keeping with Ireland’s spirited versatility, the music is cleverly varied between Taking a moment away from the action is easy with the seating available, with groups often reserving entire tables in which to converse and enjoy the atmosphere.

Address: Everleigh Gardens, 33 Harcourt Street, Dublin 2, D02 DW67, Ireland.
Phone: +353 83 445 4556
Email: hello@everleighgarden.com
Website: http://everleighgarden.com/


There’s a little bit of everything nightlife at Dublin’s Dtwo – this wonderful venue has a sports bar full of TVs screening the day’s matches, a nightclub with dance floor, and a garden for when guests need to take a breather from all the revelry. The gorgeous cascades of colour that permeate the entire venue are perfectly accompanied by DJs who have the latest electronic dance playlists to keep the place bumping and grooving through the night. Professional security and experienced, knowledgeable bartenders keep the tasty cocktails flowing to the smiling appeal of patrons.

Cascading colours - the Dtwo nightclub interior

The glittering, multicoloured décor of the Dtwo brings the perfect ambiance, allowing patrons to dance the night away in an atmosphere sublimely paradisal. Drinks are cheap at the bar, while groups admitted can see about getting a bottle to share at a table of their own. Whether you prefer to immerse yourself in the party, or simply recline, relax and socialise in a quiet corner of the glitzy, leafy garden – the Dtwo nightclub will not disappoint. Given it’s a part of Dublin’s well-reputed Harcourt Hotel, you know you’re in great hands.

A view over the relaxing Dtwo garden

Address: Dtwo Nightclub, The Harcourt Hotel, 60 Harcourt Street, Dublin 2, D02 P902, Ireland.
Phone: +353 1 476 4603
Email: info@dtwonightclub.com
Website: https://www.dtwonightclub.com/

Lillie’s Bordello

Located on Grafton Street, Lillie’s Bordello is arguably the most exclusive club in all of Ireland. A regular haunt of Dublin’s rich, famous and talented, Lillie’s unabashedly riffs on a theme of the Victorian brothel. Plush red seating and carpeting, paintings and statues pair up in a lavish decorative display. As conversation and joy powers on, a glittering round bar serves an impressive cocktail selection to a gentle, suave musical backing. In short: an encapsulation of great class and sociality.

The amorous, chic interior of Lillie's Bordello

Open seven days a week from eleven until late, Lillie’s is the place to go if you want to rub shoulders with many of Dublin’s beautiful people. The dress code for this nightclub is smart, formal but with a bit of raunchiness permitted. Members enjoy an exclusive area commonly frequented by many of the who’s who in the city, while an atmosphere of languid relaxation and soft laughter permeates the joint throughout the night.

Address: Lillie’s Bordello, 1-2 Adam Court, Grafton Street, Dublin 2. D02 RP20, Ireland.
Phone: +353 1 679 9204
Email: connect@lilliesbordello.ie
Website: http://lilliesbordello.ie/

The Church (Dublin)

The Church is a classically decked out bar, nightclub and pub in the centre of Dublin. Together, these venues inhabit a fully renovated large church, collectively tipping their hat toward modern trends in hospitality. Alongside traditional whiskies and beers are numerous cocktails, while old-school Irish dancing and folk performances sit alongside modern sound systems and drum kits. Through care and practice, the mash-up works – thousands of people every month arrive here to be sated and regaled, with burgers, steaks, lamb shanks, seafood and traditional stews well-represented on the menu.

The Church, Dublin classy, renovated restaurant and seating

Something of a unique attraction, The Church boasts several contrasting atmospheres to suit anyone. An outdoor beer garden, and interior halls complete with the gorgeous Gallery Restaurant, together with a nightclub for those wanting to party. Parts of the venue are available for hire or for large-scale reservations – fully-catered weddings and foods which span the traditional and the contemporary keep the bookings coming in, while the glittering décor applied in the festive time brings The Church a sizeable seasonal crowd.

A succulent, gravied lamb shank in The Church, Dublin

Address: The Church, Mary Street, Dublin 1, D01 YX64, Ireland.
Phone: +353 1 828 0102
Email: reservations@thechurch.ie
Website: http://www.thechurch.ie/

Bad Bobs (Dublin)

Bad Bobs combines traditional pub surrounds with consistent culinary ability and a snazzy, colourfully lit bar – it’s a devilishly brilliant combination that keeps thousands coming back year after year. Proving that traditional pub cuisine needn’t be a constraint on cooking excellence, Bad Bobs offers diners excellence in sandwiches, burgers, chips and a whole load of delectable side orders. The versatility of Guinness as an accompaniment is truer here than ever, although the skilful bar staff have more than a passing experience mixing the finest cocktails!

The red bathed interior of Bad Bobs' ground floor

Situated right in the midst of the Temple Bar area, Bad Bobs is a great choice for a meal or as a stop during a Dublin pub crawl. The drinks selection and courteous, accommodating bar and serving staff make visiting there an experience not to be missed. The premises are spacious with plenty of seating, and entertainments from live music to cocktail tutoring are regular draws. Summertime is blissful too, with the venue’s very own roof terrace admitting sunlight right into the joyous evening.

Towering burgers and yummy chips at Bad Bobs

Address: Bad Bobs, 35-37 Essex Street East, Dublin 2, D02 Y891, Ireland.
Phone: +353 1 677 8860
Email: bookings@badbobs.ie
Website: http://www.badbobs.ie/

Odessa (Dublin)

Odessa gives those in Dublin seeking simple, honest good grub a delightful range of meals offered in an atmosphere that speaks volumes for Ireland’s reputation for great hosting and boundless courtesy toward guests. The Odessa restaurant offers everything from satisfying snacks and butties, burgers like their gorgeous buttermilk fried chicken and of an evening a range of cocktails blended and chilled there and then which seldom fail to impress and bedazzle.

Odessa's classy redbrick restaurant exterior, Dublin

The rooftop terrace, metallic embossed bar, huge leather seats and fireplace complete an atmosphere perfectly combining old fashioned Irish comfort with modern class and style. Particular favourites during the day include the full Irish breakfast and the fresh brewed coffee. Of an evening, the Odessa Club is particularly favoured for its chilled out atmosphere and friendliness to hen and stag parties, with the busy St. Patrick’s Day season seeing a particularly brisk trade. Whether the place is packed or quiet however, the Odessa’s ever-courteous servers accept whatever order you make with a smile.

A towering buttermilk fried chicken sandwich in Odessa restaurant

Address: Odessa, 13/14 Dame Court, Dublin 2, D02 K122, Ireland.
Phone: +353 1 670 3080
Email: info@odessa.ie
Website: http://www.odessa.ie/