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Everleigh Garden

A visit to Everleigh Garden is sure to elevate your evening in Dublin to new, joyous heights. This nightclub embodies class and good cheer, being as it’s bathed in neon light, has walls graced with the classiest artwork, and booths for groups who want a bit of privacy and discretion amid the raucous surroundings. As the evening wears on the skilled DJ subtly cranks up the lighting and volume, bringing the evening to a emotive crescendo that blissfully enhances the sociality.

The stunning mood lit nightclub bar of Everleigh Garden

You’ll be well looked after by the professional bar staff who can mix you or an entire group delicious cocktails, with security also capably handling themselves with courtesy. In keeping with Ireland’s spirited versatility, the music is cleverly varied between Taking a moment away from the action is easy with the seating available, with groups often reserving entire tables in which to converse and enjoy the atmosphere.

Address: Everleigh Gardens, 33 Harcourt Street, Dublin 2, D02 DW67, Ireland.
Phone: +353 83 445 4556
Email: hello@everleighgarden.com
Website: http://everleighgarden.com/