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Club M (Dublin)

Dublin’s Club M has occupied a key niche in the city’s nightlife industry for years – a place where a sublime clash of the ultramodern with the classic merges to give patrons an euphoric experience. A huge dance floor has a DJ bringing the tunes in great style, with the result being Friday and Saturday nights bathed in brilliance, joy and non-stop partying.

The dazzling dancefloor of Dublin's Club M

The bedazzling décor of Club M has both modern and retro touches – disco balls hang from the ceilings while dynamic lighting imbues the whole joint with an ambiance unrivalled. For those wanting to take a pew between shaking it on the dance floor, the tables and seats bordering the venue are perfect. Drinks flow plentifully and at a reasonable price, with bottles and cocktail pitchers available for groups to share.

Address: Club M, 2 Cope Street, Dublin 2, D02 P840, Ireland.
Phone: +353 1 671 5622
Email: events@clubm.ie
Website: http://clubm.ie/