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Oscar’s Café Bar (Dublin)

Quality Dublin elegance is brought to its full, lively yet languid fruition in Oscar’s Café Bar, where the rich splendour of the décor is matched only by the superbly textured food and smooth, creamy coffee. Classy furnishings and gentle conversation permeate the air, setting the atmosphere at a happy ease. The newly prospering Smithfield Square areas reflects the burst of interest in such venues, the once-subdued locality now alight with activity and verve.

Comfy and illuminated - the Oscar's Café Bar dining area

The phrase ‘café of a day, bar of a night’ applies well to this joint. As well as an impressive breakfast, lunch and dinner menu, the superb ambiance of Oscar’s is home to a variety of regular evening entertainments. Multi-purpose; whether it’s a quick bacon sandwich of a morning, an early bird meal prior to heading off for a longer night in Dublin, meeting up with friends, or a romantic dinner date in one of the quieter corners, this bar delivers it all in a way that relaxes and sets guests at ease. The formula has worked so well that a second bar has already opened over in Christchurch.

The inviting, classy interior lounge of Oscar's Café Bar

Address: Oscar’s, Unit 6A/6B, Block A, Smithfield Market, Smithfield, Dublin 7, D07 WR63, Ireland.
Phone: +353 1 529 7341
Website: http://www.oscarscafebar.com/