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Brioche (Dublin)

Brioche is a restaurant in the very centre of Dublin which creates Irish cuisine in an atmosphere of cosy warmth, filling up guests with a delightful selection of meals sourced from the canon of Ireland’s culinary past whilst subtly imbuing the tender modernity that could only be from much-revered chef Gavin McDonagh. Bringing his Michelin Star experience to his very own eatery, McDonagh painstakingly assembles dishes crafted to the finest detail for maximum mouth-watering potential and presentational finesse.

The dining area and seats of Brioche restaurant, Dublin

Coffee brunches and weekday lunches are regular events at the Brioche, with their menus excitingly varied for the festive season and during summertime. The local menu, where pork, beef and veggies from Ireland clash gorgeously, is ever-popular. Despite the myriad qualities present in the impeccably presented meats, vegetables and sauces, the homeliness and genuine welcoming visitors identify with Dublin is preserved – sitting down for a delicious meal on one of the plush seats, soaking in the gently lit and art adorned environment, and being served by people who exude personable charm and impeccable manners. What more could a diner want in Dublin?

A dish of seasoned pork, sampled from Brioche's local menu

Address: Brioche Restaurant, Elmwood House, 51 Lower Elmwood Avenue, Dublin 6, D06 A8P3, Ireland.
Phone: +353 01 497 9163
Email: eat@brioche.ie
Website: http://www.brioche.ie/restaurant/