Dublin Pubs
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Cobblestone Pub

Those after unearthing traditional Irish hospitality will relish the Cobblestone Pub, which is among the remaining few in Dublin to offer an uncompromising place to drink in an authentic heritage atmosphere. Not shy to advertise its rough, ready nature with bright red bars against the windows and an exterior which refuses to sleeken itself in imitation of the prospering city around, this bar offers good drinks and entertainment in a frank, raw yet friendly manner that keeps patrons piling in.

The rough, window-barred exterior of the Cobblestone Pub

Being as it’s north of Dublin’s epicentre and the Temple Bar district, the Cobblestone Pub is situated around the corner from Jamesons Distillery. As such, the pub is a common port of call before and after tours in that popular attraction. Thanks to this location, it’s also a popular staging ground to both begin and conclude pub crawls, with revelry, drinks and frequent musical entertainment proceeding deep into the night. A sign of this pub’s perennial identity is the crowds; people of all ages, from grizzled regulars to fresh-faced students and tourists, come here for an assuredly decent time.

The packed out serving area of the popular Cobblestone Pub

Address: The Cobblestone, 77 King Street North, Dublin 7, D07 TP22, Ireland.
Phone: +353 1 872 1799
Email: info@cobblestonepub.ie
Website: http://cobblestonepub.ie/