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Dublin Heuston railway station

Dublin Heuston railway station is the main train station in the Irish capital city, serving as a gateway to the rest of the country, and as a nerve centre for the urban rail system of Dublin. The intuitive arrangement of platforms and journey types makes it an easy place to get around; both the local suburbs and coast towns near Dublin receive service, while longer journeys to the popular provinces are also available. Dublin buses meanwhile operate their Airlink 747 bus service from Heuston to Dublin airport.

Dublin Heuston railway station's exterior

Recent renovations include a new roof which admits much more sunlight to the platforms, improving the facility’s appearance. Restaurants and shops exist to provide sustenance and diversion for waiting passengers, while toilet facilities and the visitor information area act to convenience journeys. Ambitious future plans to link the DART underground train system with Heuston, and construct a new station conveniently placed in Dublin’s docklands, are also slated to go ahead in forthcoming years.

Address: Heuston Station, Saint John’s Road West, Dublin 8, D08 E2CV, Ireland..
Phone: +353 1 836 6222
Website: http://www.irishrail.ie/