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Dublin Port

Dublin Port sees sizeable amounts of shipping traffic enter and leave Dublin on a daily basis, with the facilities present able to host large modern container vessels for unloading. A public-private business partnership controls the port, which is located a short way east of Dublin city centre.

Container ship in Dublin Port

Dublin Port is also an important transport hub for visitors to Dublin, with ferries running between UK ports in Liverpool, Holyhead and (during the festive season) the Isle of Man. More and more people choose to visit the Irish capital by ferry, with the Irish Ferries company favoured by those who enjoy a relaxing journey in comfort across the Irish Sea. Opportunities abound for a swift transfers from the port terminal to Dublin’s best hotels. Those visiting Dublin on cruise liners disembark at Dublin Port, at a ferry terminal specially designed for passenger carrying craft to moor.

Aerial view of Dublin Port

Address: Dublin Port Company, Tolka Quay Road, Dublin Port, Dublin 1, D01 RW80, Ireland.
Phone: +353 1 887 6000
Email: info@dublinport.ie
Website: http://www.dublinport.ie/