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Dublin Writers Museum

The Dublin Writers Museum is situated within a former 18th century home, which was specially selected by Ireland’s arts authority as a place fittingly ornate and magisterial to host profiles and accounts of some of the country’s best-known authors. Interested visitors can absorb the legacies of Ireland’s literary luminaries from centuries past, from the highly famed James Joyce to many lesser-known but doubtlessly important figures.

Dublin Writers Museum (exterior view 2)

Literature is wholly embraced within the tour area, with the playwright George Bernard Shaw, and poet William Yeats given dignified and illustrative place. The venue is accompanied by a small souvenirs stall, with a café close by for visitors to relax and soak in the momentousness that Ireland and Dublin’s greatest writers still confer through words timeless and powerful.

Dublin Writers Museum (interior)

Address: Dublin Writers Museum, 18 Parnell Square, Dublin 1, D01 T3V8, Ireland.
Phone: +353 1 872 2077
Email: writers@failteireland.ie
Website: http://www.writersmuseum.com/