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Dublinia is a museum located in the area of Christchurch which is where much of Dublin’s voluminous Medieval history occurred. A staggering variety of artefacts are stored in the museum’s collection, with the venue itself popular with families and those with inclinations to absorbing history. The sometimes grisly history of Ireland and Dublin, with its frequent wars, coastal piracy, and horrific outbreaks of disease happen to make for riveting displays, and it is these subjects that Dublinia thrives upon.

The impressive, part Gothic exterior of Dublinia

The Viking portions of the exhibits meanwhile examine how many warships from Scandinavia would stop off at Dublin and its nearby coastlines, allowing visitors to examine the types of clothes and equipment the typical Norse warrior would carry upon their longships. Those wishing to see an impressive panorama of Dublin itself can climb up St. Michael’s Tower – atop the 96 recently refurbished steps are brilliant views across the entire Irish capital.

The lively, interesting Vikings exhibition in Dublinia

Address: Dublinia Viking Centre, Winetavern Street, Dublin 8, D08 V529, Ireland.
Phone: +353 1 679 4611
Email: info@dublinia.ie
Website: http://www.dublinia.ie/