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Eden Bar and Grill (Dublin)

Eden Bar and Grill works hard to merit its great location, smack dab in the middle of Dublin’s creative quarter. The restaurant has distinct lunch and dinner menus, which between them offer both the best in traditional Irish cuisine together with the firm and popular preferences of meals appreciated all over the world. The highly skilled chefs at Eden are capable of preparing to a high standard a range of meats, fish, and vegetarian choices aimed at delighting even the choosiest of eaters, with the venue’s roast chicken fondant a permanent favourite.

A colourfully vibrant dining table, Eden Bar and Grill

Over the years, food critics and journalists staying in Dublin for its myriad entertainments have praised Eden Bar and Grill for its chef’s incisive approach to the culinary arts. The vibrantly wonderful, well-lit and laid back stained glass ambiance is complimented by attentive serving staff dashing between the colourful dining tables and the expansive bar with astounding hospitality. All this is completed by the entertainments offered, a piano and mic see musicians regale guests regularly.

A creamy Roast Chicken Fondant in Eden Bar and Grill

Address: Eden Bar and Grill, 7 South William Street, Dublin 2, D02 CV65, Ireland.
Phone: +353 1 670 6887
Email: info@edenbarandgrill.ie
Website: http://www.edenbarandgrill.ie/