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Fade Street Social

Fade Street Social makes fantastic cuisine worthy of any visitor to Dublin city centre, with its fuss-free style making it favoured among diners wanting to eat well straightforwardly. The selection is impressive, with starters evenly divided between local dishes such as oysters and scallops and more universal favourites such as pork belly. Mains are divided by how they’re cooked; the wood fired dishes including for instance lamb and veal, while chargrilled options – a long-time preference of local Dubliners – spanning pork, lamb, beef and fish choices.

The stunningly modern Gastrobar of Fade Street Social

The stunning surroundings act to magnify the attentive manner in which Fade Street Social’s meats are prepared, the old brick walls and ultramodern gastrobar forming a contrast between the traditional and the new that works seamlessly. Even the artwork varies between traditional scenes and the outright contemporary, while the cooks and servers both embody professionalism and good courtesy. It’s a small wonder this splendid eatery has gained so much acclaim over a few short years.

Fresh burgers and fish in Fade Street Social

Address: Fade Street Social, 4-6 Fade Street, Dublin 2, D02 NF77, Ireland.
Phone: +353 1 604 0066
Email: info@fadestreetsocial.com
Website: http://www.fadestreetsocial.com/