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Farm Restaurants (Dublin)

Both of Dublin’s Farm Restaurants offer visitors to Ireland the paramount authenticity lacking in certain other eateries. Their produce and meats has been a fixture for years in the Christchurch and city centre areas, the premises offering lovely views out onto this cultured district. Local people wanting a proper lunch between working hours, and visitors looking for that special something are rarely – if ever – displeased with the scrumptious snacks and meals here. These two restaurants are located in Dawson St. and Upper Leeson Street, both close by some of the most stunning attractions in the city.

Farm Restaurants Dawson St's classy dining area

The two Farm Restaurants are distinguished for using ingredients completely free in additives or harvested from GM crops. The commitment to organic has attracted vegetarians and vegans alike, while meat eaters enjoy plentiful choice in the form of the Irish salmon and chicken dishes present. Unfailingly committed to freshness, this venue’s takeaway options mean you can have lunch on the move, with a selection of burgers and sandwiches made the same morning.

A bowl of shepherds pie with crisp country vegetables in Farm Restaurants

Address: The Farm, 3 Dawson Street, Dublin 2, D02 E528, Ireland.
Phone: +353 1 671 8654
Email: hello@thefarmfood.ie
Website: http://thefarmfood.ie/