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Freemasons’ Hall (Dublin)

In Dublin’s Freemasons’ Hall, you’ll discover the rich history and traditions that buttress the society known as the Masonic Lodge. The Masons have a long legacy in Ireland, having had a regional headquarters in the area for centuries. In that time the fraternal society has collected a number of texts and items of local significance, while undergoing enough of its own changes to warrant a museum, which exists within the Grand Lodge Chamber’s splendid symmetric stone and columned structure.

The exterior of Dublin's Freemasons' Hall

Whether or not you are associated with the Masons personally, the group welcomes any and all visitors curious to learn about the society and its history. The exquisite gallery in the building demonstrates portraiture plus a number of grandiose but genuine photographs taken by members of the group, while the traditional ornaments and implements unique to the Masons are also present. Entry is free, while tours are conducted for a small fee.

The Grand Lodge Room at Freemasons' Hall, Dublin.

Address: Grand Lodge of Ireland, Freemasons’ Hall, 17-19 Molesworth Street, Dublin 2, D02 HK50, Ireland.
Phone: +353 1 676 1337
Email: office@freemason.ie
Website: http://freemason.ie/