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Glasnevin Cemetery

Glasnevin Cemetery is the final resting place for well over a million people, and serves as something of a historic marker for a series of events to have befallen Ireland over the past two centuries. Prior to Glasnevin Cemetery’s establishment, there was no place for Catholics in Ireland to bury their deceased, which restricted the proper putting to rest of individuals according to that faith’s traditions.

The sturdy edifice of Glasnevin Cemetery church

Glasnevin is one among very few cemeteries to have the distinction of its very own museum, its rich association with Ireland and Dublin history paving the way for displays chronicling how times effected change as ever-growing numbers of departed passed into Glasnevin’s grounds. Within the fields themselves, several notable tombs and sepulchres properly commemorate the distinguished and historic people resting there. Until his death and burial at Glasnevin Cemetery in 2014, historian Shane MacThomais served as its chronicler in chief.

Wartime exhibits in the Glasnevin Cemetery museum

Address: Glasnevin Cemetary Museum, Finglas Road, Dublin 11, D11 H2TH, Ireland.
Phone: +353 1 882 6500
Email: info@glasnevintrust.ie
Website: http://www.glasnevintrust.ie/