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Govinda’s Restaurant (Aungier Street)

Govinda’s Restaurant in Dublin prepares daily the Eastern delights which has made Indian cuisine such a sought after favourite in Ireland – but with an interesting twist. The entire menu is vegetarian and vegan, with the superb value and authenticity of food present bolstered by the fact the eatery’s ownership has their very own orchard growing fruits and veggies in the County Fermanagh countryside. Feedback regarding the friendliness of the serving staff present, plus the inexpensive nature of the cuisine – a main course costs under 10 euros – are two of Govinda’s best qualities.

Govindas Restaurant in Dublin; interior, counter and seating

With three restaurants in Dublin – this one in Aungier Street being the original and favourite to many – vegetarians and fans of Indian cuisine visiting or living in Dublin will in Govinda’s find something to suit their palette, with salads and lentil dishes aplenty to choose from. A big favourite is Govinda’s Special – a Subti dish combining vegetables with basmati rice, often accompanied by homemade cheese known as Panir. Other notable favourites include the freshly prepared milkshakes and smoothies, plus the refreshing, sublimely fresh side salads.

A vegetarian meal of lentils and salads in Govindas restaurant

Address: Govinda’s Restaurant, 4 Aungier Street, Dublin 2, D02 KT66, Ireland.
Phone: +353 1 475 0309
Email: info@Govindas.ie
Website: http://www.govindas.ie/