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Green On Red Gallery

The Green On Red Gallery is one of Dublin’s best spots for the absorption and enjoyment of contemporary art. Hosting artwork by some of the bigger names in postmodernist design, the gallery attracts visitors in sudden spates owing to its intermittent exhibitions. Other than its formal openings, the Green on Red is a veritable hive for the connoisseur keen to boost his collection, its thematic approach to showcasing commonly leading to sudden frenzies of indulgence by casual visitors and stalwart authorities alike.

Abstract modernism - The Green on Red Gallery interior

Its opening times – Wednesdays through Saturdays in the daytime hours – are as distinct and unusual as the many pieces on display within its whitewashed walls and impeccably lit floor space. Each separate installation’s beauty and statements (or lack thereof) are a hazard for any art lover to miss out on: simply put, the Green On Red is quintessentially unmissable.

Address: Green on Red Gallery, Park Lane, Spencer Dock, Dublin 1, Ireland.
Phone: +353 872 454 282
Email: info@greenonredgallery.com
Website: http://www.greenonredgallery.com/