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Howth Head

The Howth Head in Fingal County is a stunning area of national beauty perfect for a day’s stroll. The area offers picturesque views across the eastern Irish coastline and Dublin Bay, from the splendid green hills to the sandy beaches below. Close by is the Dublin suburb of Howth, which has a number of cafes, tea rooms and eateries suitable for the eager traveller to enter and gain respite from the brisk yet refreshing coastal breezes.

Howth Head peninsula - Dublin Bay

The Howth Head is a superb place to walk, with pathways leading out near the lighthouse. All around the area the rolling green hills, beaches and rocks constantly lashed with waves offer up reason aplenty for Ireland gaining its nickname of The Emerald Isle. A day out in Howth is quite easy for those staying in or near central Dublin, with the Dublin Bus services running regularly out to this picturesque region, and the local Dublin Area Rapid Transit (DART) running trains to the area’s old station with characteristic expedience.

Address: Howth Head, Balscadden Road, Howth, County Dublin, Ireland.