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Irish Georgian Society

The Irish Georgian Society is a non-profit group that seeks to promote the heritage of Ireland and Dublin through a series of educational programs and civic tours. Members of the Irish Georgian Society are welcome to partake in the society’s activities, with tours on various themes of medicine, architecture, art and history regularly organised around the city of Dublin, and occasionally abroad. Given the society’s status and influence, buildings otherwise closed to public viewing are specially opened for its tours.

Members of the Irish Georgian Society with actor Jeremy Irons

When not educating interested people about cultural matters to do with Ireland, the Irish Georgian Society is focused on the conservation of the buildings and artistic works of the past in Dublin. In order to gain great attendance for its tours, the society regularly invites the public to contribute funds in exchange for membership. A number of regular and not-so-regular visitors to Dublin have signed up as supporters for the society’s noble goals, with famous actor Jeremy Irons notably endorsing the group.

Address: The Irish Georgian Society, City Assembly House, 58 South William Street, Dublin 2, D02 X751, Ireland.
Phone: +353 1 679 8675
Email: info@igs.ie
Website: https://www.igs.ie/