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JULES Restaurant (Dublin)

JULES restaurant (situated on the former site of Les Freres Jacques Restaurant) represents one of Dublin’s prime venue for French cuisine, and perhaps the very best when it comes to affordability. Skilled chefs and friendly staff form the bedrock upon which the finest sauces and meats, cooked faithfully to France’s traditions, satisfy and impress. Menu options are wide, with seafood, fish and meat dishes receiving strong representation. Desserts meanwhile are well-presented, several of the cakes and tarts present arriving at the time aflame to gasps from patrons.

The classy bar of Jules Restaurant

The French proclivity for braised meats and loins is in full force, with fish and seafood dishes like silver hake also making a showing. Vegetarians will be delighted by the range of salads present. When the wine selection is taken into account, JULES is really rounded out – a range of inexpensive yet delightful wines are paired with vintages from some of the best years France’s vintners have experienced. Factor in the ideal location very close to Dublin’s City Hall, and this restaurant looks like somewhere anyone would attend gladly.

A tantalizing and tender silver hake fillet at Jules Restaurant

Address: JULES Restaurant, 74 Dame Street, Dublin 2, D02 PY80, Ireland.
Phone: +353 1 679 4555
Email: info@veryjules.com
Website: http://www.veryjules.com/