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Leeson Bridge Guesthouse

Leeson Bridge Guesthouse offers accommodation at a variety of tiers, whether you’re just looking for a simple room or want a full-on executive suite during your trip to Dublin. The guesthouse’s location is nothing less than supreme, located just a short way from the verdant lawns of St. Stephen’s Green. Indeed, this pretty place offers the needful holidaymaker all the modern amenities – TV, free WiFi, parking, a bar and laundry service – any discerning visitor to Dublin desires and expects.

Breakfast dining room at Leeson Bridge House

The venue’s rooms are housed within a beautiful example of one of Dublin’s Georgian terraces, with the graceful décor acting to tribute the distant past while incorporating the perennial pleasures of modernity under its roof. Such efforts are obvious in the delightful breakfast dining room. The Leeson Bridge’s management are friendly and affable, and can offer advice and guidance to make your trip in Dublin the best it can possibly be. A lift operates on the premises, while transportation options aplenty exist very close by the hotel’s entryway.

One of Leeson Bridge House's executive rooms

Address: Leeson Bridge Guesthouse, 1 Upper Leeson Street, Dublin 4, D04 AH22, Ireland.
Phone: +353 1 668 1000
Email: info@leesonbridgehouse.ie
Website: http://leesonbridgehouse.ie/