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Mexico to Rome

Mexico to Rome offers up an intriguing variety of juxtaposed culinary delights, the recipes originating from the Central American nation of Mexico, blissfully juxtaposed with the Italian foods which have been perennially popular for people eating out for decades. Located a stone’s throw from the legend that is the Temple Bar pub, Mexico to Rome manages to largely depart from the treasures of traditional Irish cuisine whilst preserving the innate hospitality and courtesy that underlines any good visit to Dublin.

Mexico to Rome's snazzy exterior

Meat and vegetarian dishes span the popular and the unusual form the restaurant’s menu, with burritos, tacos and enchiladas forming the Mexican side while pizzas, lasagnes and other pasta dishes keep the Italian element well-populated. Drinks range from freshly made coffee and tea, to the iconic Dublin pint of Guinness, with the venue’s wines selection popular of an evening. To top it off, diehard traditionalists will be pleased to know that old school favourites like fish and chips and locally sourced sirloin steaks are readily available too.

A cheese-topped burrito in Mexico to Rome restaurant

Address: Mexico To Rome, 23 Essex Street East, Dublin 2, D02 WP71, Ireland.
Phone: +353 1 677 2727
Email: info@mexicotorome.com
Website: http://www.mexicotorome.com/