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National Leprechaun Museum

In the National Leprechaun Museum, you’ll enjoy a unique and quirky approach to the old myths of Ireland which to this day accompany the popular image the country has around the world. The museum is somewhat unusual in its approach, using giant tables and chairs during attempts to physically recreate the sometimes mind-bending imaginative somersaults that come with the average age-old myth or fairy tale.

Gigantic furnishings at Dublin's Leprechaun Museum

This approach sees two principle tours – one, conducted on Friday and Saturday nights, investigates the dark, twisted and sometimes scary side that Irish storytelling carries. The other, conducted each and every day of the week, looks at the colourful and rather unusual experiences Ireland’s folklore relays, such as the journey upon the rainbow, whereupon a leprechaun is sighted attending a potential crock of gold. The delightfully eccentric combination of living these experiences is helped by the tour guides who evocatively explain the magical tales with eagerness and enthusiasm.

Address: National Leprechaun Museum, Twilfit House, 57-60 Jervis Street, Dublin 1, D01 R2P0, Ireland.
Phone: +353 1 873 3899
Email: rainbow@leprechaunmuseum.ie
Website: http://www.leprechaunmuseum.ie/