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National Transport Museum of Ireland

The National Transport Museum of Ireland in Howth near Dublin showcases to visitors an impressive range of vehicles, each serving as an example design from a particular automotive period. The earliest car housed in the museum dates from way back in 1883, to an era predating the internal combustion engine. Many examples of ordinary cars and public transportation buses ridden back in olden times are accompanied by their equivalent emergency vehicles, such as old ambulances and fire engines.

Old vehicles at the National Transport Museum of Ireland

Usually open during the afternoons, the museum’s many old motors are prominently displayed, with a hint of whimsy, in the castle grounds of the old seaside town of Howth. As such it has become a common stopping off point for day trippers who’ve arrived back in town after a day’s walking and their lunch. Unlike many larger museums, the National Transport Museum is run by volunteers who charge only a small fee for entry.

Address: National Transport Museum, Deer Park, Howth, County Dublin, D13 NF86, Ireland.
Phone: +353 1 848 0831
Email: info@nationaltransportmuseum.org
Website: http://www.nationaltransportmuseum.org/