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National Wax Museum Plus (Dublin)

The National Wax Museum Plus houses an amazing collection of wax sculptures, with everything from wacky cartoon characters to people in modern popular culture, to actual figures in Irish history and art are present. Wax is also used to educate visitors, with accurate models of human organs and inventions displayed in the science-themed part of the venue, while Dublin’s own Bram Stoker is honoured in the Dracula waxwork exhibit. The detail of practical uses wax has other than as a modelling material, such as its presence in early musical recordings, completes the creative variation the museum is renowned for.

National Wax Museum - entrance

This museum is particularly popular with children, with demonstrations of waxwork making available for group and school visits. Seasonal exhibits are common, with events and new unveilings taking place regularly. The wax displays are open to the public for 362 days of the year, and have proven popular with both locals and tourists with families who particularly enjoy the room stocked with lifelike Star Wars and superhero figures.

The National Wax Museum's Star Wars and superhero figures

Address: National Wax Museum Plus, Foster Place, Dublin 2, D02 E796, Ireland.
Phone: +353 1 671 8373
Email: hello@waxmuseumplus.ie
Website: http://www.waxmuseumplus.ie/