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One Pico (Dublin)

Dining at One Pico is an experience hard to forget, being as this highly reputed restaurant is a common point for well-informed diners to stop off. The food is almost entirely sourced from the locality, with the prices impressive compared with other restaurants of similar calibre. Simply put, the One Pico chefs are supremely talented with many guests surprised at receiving such mouth-watering renditions of seafood, steak fillets and other dishes.

The stylishly laid out dining area of One Pico, Dublin

Although decidedly Irish in tone and gourmet in presentation, One Pico devotes much of its menu to continental flavours. Undiscerning except when it comes to offering deliciousness, the risottos and Bordelaise Jus, gnocchi, venison and other delights are prepared in a manner uniquely tantalizing. Sweets are expansive and intriguing, being as they range between cakes dashed with purpose made sauce and icing sugar. Wines, Irish whiskies and soft drinks abound too, while the attentive, friendly servers are sure to mention any specials on request.

Rare cooked venison with liquorice and tangy cherries in One Pico, Dublin

Address: One Pico, 5 Molesworth Place, Dublin 2, D02 YA32, Ireland.
Phone: +353 1 676 0300
Email: info@onepico.com
Website: http://www.onepico.com/