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Pearse Museum

The Pearse Museum in St. Enda’s Park is a vivid portrayal of Irish parkland and plant life. This exquisite little park has waterfalls as part of the river running through its western side, while a beautiful range of trees and old ruins including the watchtower grace its landscape. The park has an impressive history, being the site of a British garrison in the early stages of the war for Irish independence. The area was the site of a school named the Hermitage, which was selected as a fortification for its strength and height offering good views of the locality.

Pearse Museum - exterior

After Ireland gained its independence, the Hermitage was converted into a museum dedicated to the Pearse family who ran what was once a place of education. As well as featuring monuments to Ireland’s natural world, including its flora and fauna, this pretty museum offers insight into how children were educated in the early 20th century, with an audio recording entitled ‘This Man Kept a School’ telling the story of Patrick Pearse’s bold efforts in education.

Pearse Museum in St Endas Park - drawing room

Address: Pearse Museum, The Hermitage, Saint Enda’s Park, Grange Road, Dublin 16, D16 Y7Y5, Ireland.
Phone: +353 1 493 4208
Email: pearsemuseum@opw.ie
Website: http://pearsemuseum.ie/