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Phoenix Park

Dublin’s Phoenix Park is a colossal example of Irish parkland, spanning an impressive 707 hectares from the western reaches of central Dublin out into the capital’s outskirts. The park is phenomenally popular, offering locals and visitors alike the chance to stroll its fields and pathways in sublime tranquillity. Various monuments pepper the landscape, such as the Magazine Fort’s marking of the original site of Phoenix House and the Victorian People’s Garden where that era’s detailed and ornamental approach to landscaping is shown off.

Phoenix Park lawns in Dublin

The Phoenix Park visitor centre acts to chronicle the area’s long heritage, from its early years as a country estate to its modern status as the biggest single enclosed recreational ground in the entire European continent. The area’s significance prior to surviving structures, for example its purpose as a burial site around the hill of Knockmary, is also paid rightful heed.

Address: Phoenix Park Visitor’s Centre, Dublin 8, Ireland.
Phone: +353 1 677 0095
Email: phoenixparkvisitorcentre@opw.ie
Website: http://www.phoenixpark.ie/