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Pichet (Dublin)

Pichet brings a splendid combination to the dining table; chefs painstakingly trained in French and Irish cuisine for years, plus a menu the embodiment of choice and good taste. The atmosphere is decisively classy and tasteful with a set of signature bright, curvaceously comfortable blue seats lending an unusual uniqueness to the black and white chequered floors. Meals here commonly begin with a glass of Moet – a perfect, characteristic introduction to the culinary delights which follow, with food such as beef carpaccio is ever the popular follow-on.

A delicious beef carpaccio in Pichet restaurant, Dublin

Popular for business functions for its catering clout and excellent pricing, Pichet has also proven its worth among ordinary diners, with generous servings of sea bass and chicken capped off with desserts spanning the tastiest cakes and mousses. While the menu is, as a principle, reasonably priced for such a gourmand venue, guests often find themselves tempted by the impressive wines selection, the thoughtfulness underpinning each dish priming patron’s curiosity for dessert. The courteous, passionate servers and chefs are likewise a highlight, blending courtesy with fine service.

Pichet restaurant's distinctive blue-seated dining area

Address: Pichet Restaurant, 14/15 Trinity Street, Dublin 2, D02 T998, Ireland.
Phone: +353 1 677 1060
Email: info@pichetrestaurant.ie
Website: http://www.pichetrestaurant.ie/