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Porterhouse (North Dublin)

A friendly welcome awaits at the Porterhouse in North Dublin, which has made its name offering guests delicious craft ales and locally sourced cuisine. The pub’s environment is warm within its bright white Art Deco styled building, with live DJs and bands playing regularly to pleased guests enjoying the warmly radiant cheer inside. With seating plentiful and the atmosphere lively and social, on weekends regulars from across Dublin pop in to drink, eat and catch up in good company.The easily recognised exterior of the Porterhouse North

Visitors to Ireland won’t be disappointed either – a traditional atmosphere permeates the entire pub, and attentive bar staff keep service brisk and courteous. The food menu sees great Irish ingredients and traditional meals alongside universal pub favourites, whilst the more adventurous at heart will stray from the beers and spirits present to sample the authentically prepared cocktails the barman is such a genius at preparing. With long tables and seating plentiful, groups will be more than happy – while the service is prompt, attentive and indefatigably Irish.

The shiny, illuminated interior of the Porterhouse North at Christmas

Address: The Porterhouse North, Cross Guns Bridge, Glasnevin, Dublin 9, Ireland.
Phone: +353 1 830 9884
Email: keithm@theporterhouse.ie
Website: http://www.theporterhouse.ie/