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Portobello Hotel (Dublin)

In Dublin’s Portobello Hotel, you’ll enjoy proper good accommodation in an atmosphere that’s sublimely Irish and joyfully welcoming. The hotel’s many bedrooms offer views over Dublin’s scenic Grand Canal, with the backdrop complimented perfectly by the well-furnished ambiance present in the rooms. The size selection is immense too; compact and dainty single rooms, doubles, triples, and even quintuple bedrooms for groups all feature here with every one en suite, while the two rooms on hotel’s corners aren’t to be missed for their views out upon the city.

The old, well-maintained exterior of the Portobello Hotel

Downstairs, a delectable combination of facilities coalesce to form a truly gorgeous experience of hospitality. A traditional Irish bar with live folk music and entertainments most nights serves all the signature drinks of the locality, while a lovely breakfast menu ranges between a traditional full Irish and a vegetarian equivalent, plus fresh fruits and cereals. For those after a groovy evening, the Rain Night Club plays the classics nightly, while but a stroll from the door is the whole of magnificent Dublin to explore.

A spacious, presentable double bedroom on a corner of the Portobello Hotel

Address: Portobello Hotel, 33 South Richmond Street, Dublin 2, D02 CF40, Ireland.
Phone: +353 1 475 2715
Email: info@portobellohotel.ie
Website: http://www.portobellohotel.ie/