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Red Torch Ginger (Dublin)

Dining at Dublin’s Red Torch Ginger, you’ll find a authentic selection of the most vibrant and colourful dishes from Thailand and Asia. The contemporary yet classy design of the place, replete with flowered artwork and mood lighting, stuns then relaxes diners. Notable favourites like steamed dumplings are made compelling with the multiple fillings uniquely made by the top class chefs in the kitchens, while local fresh caught scallops and fish are graced with an authentic Thai treatment and vegetable accompaniment.

The classy, debonair dining area and tables in Red Torch Ginger

For those wanting a delectable lunch that goes beyond mass-made fare, the bargain Japanese style Bento boxes burst with flavoursome Oriental fare. Those preferring the evening will find the cocktail and wine selection appealing, with the venue’s savvy chefs even combining wine with the favourite house main, Drunken Prawns. Factor in the spectacularly good service, the absence of artificial flavourings in all meals, and the superbly sourced fresh vegetables, Irish beef and Red Torch Ginger’s excellence as a place to eat out becomes clear.

An example of Red Torch Ginger fresh vegetables in savoury sauce

Address: Red Torch Ginger, 14/15 Saint Andrew Street, Dublin 2, D02 HP58, Ireland.
Phone: +353 1 677 3363
Email: info@redtorchginger.ie
Website: http://redtorchginger.ie/