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River Liffey

River Liffey and the O'Connell Bridge

The River Liffey runs through Dublin and provides the vast majority of drinking and washing water used by Ireland’s capital. Several canny bar and restaurant proprietors have capitalised on the Liffey’s attractive appearance, installing window seating allowing patrons to watch the river traffic go by. Several crossings, such as the stone brick O’Connell Bridge and the cast iron built Ha’Penny Bridge, span the length of the river and afford those walking upon them delightful views across Dublin.

The River Liffey runs through Dublin city centre

River tours regularly run up the river, with the Liffey Voyage ship taking people on a leisurely little cruise most days. Passengers can learn a bit about the Liffey’s own history as a shipping channel, and about many interesting areas and attractions in Dublin. Since 1960 an annual, very lively canoe race known as the Liffey Descent has taken place upon the river’s waters, usually every September.