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Sabor Brazil

The fine South American cuisine showcased at Sabor Brazil is yet another chapter in the culinary odyssey one can savour within the streets of Dublin. An opulent manner of décor, from large wall-mounted embossed crests and paintings in the Enlightenment style, create a sense of intimacy few restaurants ever ascend to. For couples only, and with tables only available by booking in advance the classiness here is matched, dish-for-dish, by the exotic, relentlessly tasty food present.

The stunning, stately interior of Sabor Brazil

Food offered includes the Brazilian Vatapá; a rich yet delicate main whose ground peanuts, cashews and coconut milk form the basis of excellence. A cheeky swerve to the Asiatic is achieved with a course of sushi, while the authentic jellies leading to the final dessert – a choice of cakes, or the venue’s unforgettable cheeseboard – which never fails to impress. The service is gently paced – guests report staying for a good four hours – and attentive to the needs and desires of every diner. With consistent, near-perfect appraisals from customers, the Sabor Brazil is a place truly justifying its premium price tag.

Sabor Brazil's legendary cheeseboard selection

Address: Sabor Brazil, 71 Lower Camden Street, Dublin 2, D02 H584, Ireland.
Phone: +353 1 475 0304
Email: saborbrazil@live.com
Website: http://www.saborbrazil.ie/