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St. Patrick’s Cathedral (Dublin)

Saint Patrick's Cathedral in Dublin (exterior)

St Patrick’s Cathedral is the oldest cathedral in all of Ireland, tracing its origins back almost a thousand years to 11th century Dublin. At the time the building was conceived to honour Ireland’s patron saint, with support forthcoming. By 1220 the magnificent Gothic structure of archways and spires present today was standing as Ireland’s proudest monument to Christendom. So much has happened around St. Patrick’s over the years that the site is occasionally visited by archaeologists keen to unearth secrets of Ireland’s medieval past.

St Patrick's Cathedral (interior archways)

Despite its historicity, the cathedral’s prime purpose continues to be as a place of worship. While services proceed freely, those visiting to sightsee and observe the relics and architecture are asked to pay a modest entrance fee, the entirety of which goes toward keeping the ancient building maintained in all its beauty. The cathedral also plays an active role in the community, organising charitable fundraisers, school visits with the local St. Patrick’s Grammar School, and of course the yearly Christmas and Easter services and prayers.

Address: Saint Patrick’s Cathedral, Patrick Street, Dublin 8, D08 H6X3, Ireland.
Phone: +353 1 453 9472
Email: education@stpatrickscathedral.ie
Website: http://www.stpatrickscathedral.ie/