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Story of the Irish

The Story of the Irish is a new cultural attraction in Dublin that tells the tale of the Irish peoples from the earliest times right through to the modern day, with the help of actors working for the venue. The exhibition begins with the earliest Irish, the tribal settlers who inhabited Ireland from about 8000 B.C. onwards. Here, the principle character behind the story – a man named Crannog – relays the major events and the moods of each separate era. For example, the closeness the early peoples fostered with nature and the seasons is contrasted by the intense Christian spirituality demonstrated in Medieval Eire and onward.

The flamboyantly caped actors in Story of the Irish

The long subjugation of Irish culture under the often oppressive British rule fostered a defiance which takes us through to the closing stages of this national drama; the Irish throwing off their shackles and becoming independent. Ireland would firmly stamp a new, proud identity while maintaining a dignified, friendly closeness with the neighbouring UK. All these and more events, with their emotions and violence, low points and uplifting triumphs are told in a vivid story intended to introduce both locals and tourists to Ireland and Dublin.

Address: Haymarket, Smithfield, County Dublin, Dublin 8, D08 H6X3, Ireland.
Phone: +353 1 873 3537
Email: info@storyoftheirish.ie
Website: https://storyoftheirish.ie/