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Tara Towers Hotel

The Tara Towers Hotel is a splendid example of a well-located accommodation positioned at the seaside gateway of Dublin, with many of the 111 rooms comprising this venue affording lovely views out onto the Dublin Bay and the coastal settlements. The rooms themselves have a delightful appearance, with plush beds and an airy, relaxed blend of neutral coloured furnishings. Best of all is the location, adjacent to a bus stop which offers frequent and swift departures to the Dublin city centre.

The Tara Tower Hotel's front entrance

Thoughtful and motivated staff members are present to make your stay at Tara Towers the best possible, with the reception present 24/7 to handle any issues you might have. A variety of meal options are available in the attractive bar and restaurant located near the lobby, while the hotel offers add-ons such as WiFi, toiletries and hair dryer use and an ironing board as part and parcel of any given room booking.

One of Tara Towers Hotel's deluxe suites

Update: After the Tara Towers Hotel was sold in December 2015, renovations are soon to be underway – enhancing and transforming this venue into even more luxuriant 4-star hotel!

Address: The Tara Towers Hotel, Merrion Road, Dublin 4, D04 A3K1, Ireland.
Phone: +353 1 269 4666
Email: info@taratowers.com
Website: http://www.taratowers.com/