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Temple Bar

Temple Bar is Dublin’s hottest area for nightlife and food, it being host to a bunch of scenic and beautiful pubs, bars and clubs alongside the scenic River Liffey. Situated close to the central retail districts of Dublin, Temple Bar is a firm favourite with tourists looking to have a lovely meal out or a few drinks of an evening. The modern and the traditional clash in a way that preserves the Dubliner charm so many visit the place to savour year after year.

The Temple Bar pub in Dublin

A highlight of several venues in Temple Bar is the traditional music, with local musicians and bands with fiddles and accordions ready to serenade your evening. As well as ordinary pub grub, eateries and restaurants in the area are keen to emphasize traditional meals: Irish stew, local fresh caught oysters in sauce, and pots of Colcannon comprise popular choices upon many menus.

Temple Bar streets of Dublin

Address: Temple Bar, Dublin 2, Ireland.
Website: http://www.templebar.ie/