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The Black Sheep (Dublin)

Very few people who visit The Black Sheep leave disappointed – this lovely Dublin pub has the spirit of Irish courtesy close to heart. The range of good, honest pub food – including the bar’s own scrumptious chicken wings – and richly brewed craft ales means patrons are plentifully fed and watered, by bartenders and serving staff who epitomise friendliness and courtesy. The comfy seating and snug enclaves here make it perfect as a place to rest your feet between on a busy day, whether you live or are visiting Dublin.

The distinct grey exterior of The Black Sheep pub

Located on the corner of Capel Street, The Black Sheep is easily within reach of the city centre attractions of Dublin 1 and 2. Evenings see the place enliven, as crowds swell and conversation cascades – musical entertainments are frequent, especially during the summer months where Irish folk ditties can be heard lively from within. A particular favourite for regulars is the weekend steak nights, where proper local Angus meats accompany the beers in an accompaniment rich and juicy.

The Black Sheep, 61-63 Capel Street, Dublin 1, D01 N6E8, Ireland.
Phone: +353 1 873 0013
Email: blacksheep@galwaybaybrewery.com
Website: http://www.galwaybaybrewery.com/