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The Brian Boru

The Brian Boru is one of Dublin’s most favoured suburban haunts, and among the few pubs which harks back to the farthest antiquities of Ireland – Brian Boru being the most famous High King of the country, beginning a new dynasty and living to a ripe old age. While the pub bearing his name makes no such proud claims, more than a hint of glory permeates the interior – nowadays, succulent steak dinners accompany great ales, with the regulars certainly able to offer a history lesson demystifying Ireland’s kingly heritage.

The kingly decoration of The Brian Boru pub exterior

Indeed, the pub’s atmosphere is comfortable and homely, with the family ownership running an altogether tight ship. Instantly recognisable by the icons and legendary mural of a mounted Brian on the exterior, you’ll find a number of tapestries within pointing to the past. Drinks wise we’ve some astounding whiskey – this pub was the very last to serve whiskey straight from the cask, and is quite the contender for beers too. The hospitality is rounded out well by a beer garden perfect for summers, and the scrumptious Sunday roasts served within.

Address: The Brian Boru, Prospect Road, Dublin 9, D09 PP93, Ireland.
Phone: +353 1 830 45 27
Email: info@thebrianboru.ie
Website: http://thebrianboru.ie/