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The Dingle Whiskey Bar

The stunning selection of barrel aged whiskies makes The Dingle Whiskey Bar a place worthy of a visit. An encompassing selection of tipples from Scotland and Ireland populate this bar, with many keen on a quick dram of the tastiest matured whiskies stopping by. Inside, patrons sit within the cosily darkened, oak barrel laden interior which confers a serene atmosphere helping make this pub feel just that bit special. Special curved glasses are present to allow guests to motion the whiskey within, thereafter smelling the rich aromas and flavours unleashed from the delicious liquid.

The barrel-flanked entrance of The Dingle Whiskey Bar

The capable bar staff here helpfully offer whiskies based on the individual tastes and desires of customers; whether it be a tot of something sharp and tangy, or something soft, mellow and sweeter you can be sure you’ll be well-accommodated. A special, if pricey, treat may be had in the aged bottles whose flavours have since leaving the cask blended in a time honoured and oft-sublime manner. While this bar enjoys a laid back atmosphere, those after entertainment and raucousness need only hop next door to The Porterhouse Central for ample regalement.

The dark, traditional interior of The Dingle Whiskey Bar

Address: The Dingle Whiskey Bar, 45-47 Nassau Street, Dublin 2, Ireland.
Phone: +353 1 677 4180
Email: phcentral@theporterhouse.ie
Website: http://www.theporterhouse.ie/