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The Green Hen

The Green Hen lets Dubliners and tourists alike enjoy scrumptious cuisine in lovely surroundings, surrounded by many photographs and paintings depicting the old Dublin and the old Irish life. This genuine appreciation for the local heritage doubles as a fine cue to get you talking, which is what many who visit the Green Hen do between the delightful choices that comprise its selection of meals, which superbly cross favourites from the pantheons of both French and Irish cuisine.

The Green Hen's long bar and stylish interior

The selection is an impressive one: meats from venison to lamb to beef, delicious salads, plus local favourites such as Irish Stew all share the proclivity for potatoes and steaks common to both France and Irish cuisines, while classics like fish and chips also make their appearance. Desserts range from specially prepared cakes and tarts, to a locally sourced set of Irish cheeses sure to get those inclined to savoury finishes licking their lips upon sight. Topping it all off are The Green Hen’s serving staff, who approach their task with a friendliness as authentic as the décor.

A classic fish, chips and peas at The Green Hen

Address: The Green Hen, 33 Exchequer Street, Dublin 2, D02 A620, Ireland.
Phone: +353 1 670 7238
Email: info@thegreenhen.ie
Website: http://www.thegreenhen.ie/