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The Kildare Street Hotel

The Kildare Street Hotel in Dublin city centre is a modest 2-star hotel that nevertheless brings heaps of uniqueness and grace to its accommodation. Rooms range from singles all the way up to large triple and family sized rooms, with TVs, WiFi and en suite bathroom standard. The hotel itself also hosts a selection of modern, renovated self-catering apartments, allowing travellers on a budget to prepare their own meals within classy and spacious self-contained accommodation. All the while the hotel’s friendly, courteous and attentive staff are on hand to make your stay in Kildare Street the best imaginable.

Modern, newly-renovated apartments at Kildare Street Hotel

Bargain rates and offers are available particularly for travellers booking direct via the hotel’s website. What’s more if you book online you’ll receive a box of chocolates the moment you arrive. This gesture sets the mood for what you can expect in Dublin’s city centre; a place known for its happy-go-lucky mood, hospitality and genuineness, where dream holidays are enjoyed and savoured by many visitors every day.

One of Kildare Street Hotel's family rooms

Address: Kildare Street Hotel, 47 Kildare Street, Dublin 2, D02 CT92, Ireland.
Phone: +353 1 866 5626
Email: info@keycollection.ie
Website: http://www.thekeycollection.ie/