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The Merrion Hotel (Dublin)

The Merrion Hotel Dublin - main entrance

On arriving at The Merrion Hotel in Dublin, you’ll immediately appreciate its five star status. Its intricately crafted garden courtyard forms a beautiful contrast of refined greenery against the warm, lavish opulence of the hotel’s interior.

Embossed in elaborate classicist style, this five star hotel is a living example of elegance brought to life. Plush upholstered chairs, old paintings and portraiture, and the presence of lunch & tea services convene in warm splendour to bring this wonderful venue to prominence.

Winning multiple awards and high acclaim from guests, the luxury on offer in combination with its prime location (just a short drive from city centre and airport alike) make The Merrion one of Ireland’s most favourable hotels for the busy, upmarket traveller.

Access to attractions is a matter of requesting chauffeur service with the reception, while the staff – frequently revered in professional reviews for their polite Irish charm and pleasant, easygoing attitude – tend to guests consistently with express grace.

The Merrion’s warmly decorated rooms and dining facilities offer an atmosphere that is at once traditional and homely, while also being indisputably luxurious. Its five star catering services include meals rich in local Irish tradition, together with gourmet favourites from around the globe.

Between mealtimes, guests have the option of relaxing within the luxurious hotel grounds or venturing out into the historic districts of Dublin.

Beneath the Merrion’s often understated identity exists a complete five star hospitality experience, unabashedly offering luxuriant style and an abundance of natural heritage to the modern traveller.

The Merrion Hotel in Dublin (rear garden terrace)

Address: The Merrion Hotel, 21-24 Merrion Street Upper, Dublin 2, D02 KF79, Ireland.
Phone: +353 (0) 1603 0600
Email: info@merrionhotel.com
Website: http://www.merrionhotel.com/

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