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Toscana Restaurant (Dublin)

When you go to Toscana Restaurant in Dublin, you’ll be enveloped by the gorgeous, buzzing atmosphere and devotedly authentic Italian cuisine populating the menu. The venue has been lauded for its ‘grow your own’ philosophy; meals are cooked with organically grown vegetables from the eatery’s own Wicklow-based farm. As such, the sauces, salads and consistency of every meal ordered has that bit of extra pizazz only natural, untreated veg can bring.

The buzzing, comfy dining area of Toscana Restaurant, Dublin

An impeccable range of antipasti get your dinner off to a fine start, while to follow diners choose from a selection of meat and fish dishes,. Or, alternatively, a gourmet pizza or pasta favourite such as lasagne or linguine, which altogether round off the savoury experience. Sweets include homemade panna cotta, an excellent rendition of tiramisu, and top notch profiteroles. The drinks menu meanwhile features a glittering selection of Italian and continental wines, while those wanting a bit more exoticism will be pleased by the presence of Mojito and Cosmopolitan cocktails.

A tasty, gourmet style margarita pizza in Toscana Restaurant, Dublin

Address: Toscana Restaurant, 3 Cork Hill, Dame Street, Dublin 2, D02 DR53, Ireland.
Phone: +353 1 670 9785
Email: damestreet@toscanarestaurant.ie
Website: http://www.toscanarestaurant.ie/